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Tuning and Performance

GRANTURISMO 240cc Lambretta Cylinder Kit GT240


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Disco Dez Sez
For me this is one of the biggest break through products of this century! Big block, big CC motors have always been the preference of "Gran Tourers"- get it up to speed then throttle back and cruise at a nice steady speed eating up the miles!!
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This item is suitable for

series one LI125 /150
series two LI/TV175
series three LI/ TV/ SX200
GP /DL 125/150/200


Gran Turismo 240cc "big block" cylinder  assembly.

Consists steel cylinder, inlet for 30mm,cylinder head all U.K produced plus high quality Japanese motorcycle piston kit, reed block and long stroke crankshaft all specific to this kit.

Complete break through in bolt on performance,  Gran Turismo cylinder kits have been transforming Lambretta power and reliability for over fifteen years now proving mile after mile that are the most indestructable bolt on power you can buy - guarenteed!!

No packing plates or squish tests needed - with basic mechanical knowledge this kit is easily fitted at home ( and we are on the phone to help!)

Run with our pre jetted 30mm Dellorto and your choice of exhaust (ask our advice )